EKFA means Energy Kit For All
EKFA is a company developing an ecological way of storing energy.
The project aims at providing electricity to everyone in a sustainable way while working with local entrepreneurs.

What are we making?

Power is a basic need, such as food and water. A solution for people who live without access to electricity, is our 20-years lifespan kit. The kit uses a new technology based on carbon called “super/ultra-capacitor”. The technology involves a long lifetime and is harmless to the environment. The product can be used to:

  • Provide light
  • Charge phones
  • Power a small computer

Environmental benefits

The EKFA kit:
  • reduces the use of fire, candles and kerosene lamps (estimated pollution of kerosene lamp: 200kg of CO2 per year)
  • reduces the risks of fire and inhalation
  • is solving a problem within a long term perspective (20 years)

How does it work?

We will sell EKFA kits to local entrepreneurs who will mount and distribute the kit where people have no access to electricity. The end users will get a code. Once this code entered its unblock the kit for a week.  

Partners and Sponsors

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