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Today 840 million people worldwide (*) do not have access to electricity. To solve this problem, EKFA offers lithium-free solar kits with a 15-years-lifespan, while providing an sustainable and accessible solution for its users.
* According to the figures from the World Bank

Our advertising-based business model aims at providing free solar kits to disadvantaged families. The product is fully recyclable and has a lifespan 5 times longer than that of our competitors.

What are we making?

Power is a vital need, nearly as important as water or food. As of today, more than 800 million people have no access to electricity. To solve this challenge, the market has so far supplied cheap photovoltaic solar kits. However, these kits aren’t sustainable. After an average of 3 years, the most expensive part of the kit, the battery, needs to be replaced. Moreover, weather conditions such as humidity and high temperatures can decrease the battery’s lifetime. At last, in many countries the recycling process of those batteries is not handled. In the long run, the photovoltaic solar kits commonly used today aren’t that affordable for remote families and they carry a negative impact for the environment and biodiversity.

Our energy kit presents a better solution for people who do not have access to electricity. The kit is based on a new technology called “super/ultracapacitor” which is harmless for the environment and has more than a 15-year lifespan. The recycling process is also handled in the life cycle of the product. The product does not rely on chemicals that could contaminate fields and water. Eventually, the kit is resistant to extreme environmental conditions such as high, low temperatures and humidity.

Harmless to the environment and with more than 20-year lifespan.

The product can be used to:

  • Provide light
  • Charge phones
  • Power a small computer

Environmental benefits

The EKFA kit:
  • Reduces the use of fire, candles and kerosene lamps (estimated pollution of kerosene lamp: 200kg of CO2 per year). As the kit has a minimum lifespan of 15 years, we can estimate that 3000kg of CO2 emission will be avoided during its lifetime. If 1000 kits are implemented, we are speaking of saving 3million kg/CO2 emissions.
  • Will make people stop travelling to cities to charge their phones.
  • reduces the risks of fire and inhalation
  • Solves within a long term perspective (15 years)

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How does it work?

EKFA kits are financed through advertising. Local entrepreneurs are in charge of assembling and distributing kits to remote families. The remote family receives advertising and news. Thus, the entrepreneur is receiving a regular income and families are getting access to electricity and information.
EKFA has three critical roles in the supply chain:

  1. Ordering and delivering the equipment to the entrepreneur
  2. Providing support in case an entrepreneur needs help.
  3. Selling advertising via EKFA web-platform. Wanna advertise your brand with us?


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